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      Can Iodine flushed into a septic system or into our grey water system stop the growth of septic bacteria?

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      John Aldrich1

      Randy, if the volume and concentration of iodine is very high in the influent of a septic tank, or greywater system, it could STOP microbial reproduction and thereby eliminate the microbial digestion of the organic matter in the sewage. Find an alternative way to properly dispose of the Iodine. JWA

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      Hi. I am a chemist, and when we have to dispose of substances such as iodine (which believe it or not IS considered a hazardous waste in many jurisdictions), we have to dispose of it with our halogenated organic waste. Iodine is very reactive, and the heaviest (and only solid) halogen. Most areas have a day when they pick up hazadous materials, such as old batteries, etc. I would dispose of the iodine that way. Don’t just dump it, as I said, its very reactive. besides killing the bacteria by reacting with the polar ends of the cell membranes, it can also haloganate the septic tank.


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      wow john why didnt you expain it as well as richard did?

      Here Richard is a REALLY PROFESSIONAL site regarding septic systems.
      This Professional is licensed and REALLY knows how to install CONCRETE Quality tanks.

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