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      Can you vent a toilet out the side of your house on the gable end instead of going thru the roof ? because I have a metal roof and do not want to put a hole in it (new construction) will it work ??

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      You will need to check with your local plumbing inspector.

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      Normally NO as the vent gases may enter the structure again

      The “local inspector” has to also follow the code so asking his/her permission has no bearing on what they can authorize.

      Another factor is if the wind blows straight into this vent terminal you will get oscillation effects of your trap seals with negative pressure.

      Having a vent terminal laying on its horizontal can also lead to hoarfrost in certain areas where this vent ceases to work during the winter months NOT to mention of the real possibility of animals like squirrels making a home there or bird nests.

      So before you ask the inspector for his/her blessings I think your better off asking your plumbing contractor about over PROPER venting options.

      Proper venting is for your protection of sewer gasses from entering your home.

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