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        New to the world or home ownership, I was told by the real-estate agent that the land I want to buy won’t perk and that he doesn’t know when City sewer will be available. Can you please give me some options or ideas or is this land completely useless until city sewer is available? There are three houses within 100 yards of this land, what did they do? Can the land be “fixed” so that it will perk or will this cost more than it would be worth?

        Thanks, Joe
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        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

          Joe, my advice to you is to contact a local Registered Professional Engineer, one that is versed in alternative on-site sewage treatment systems, (shop around)and have the engineer design a system for you. You can then decide as to whether or not the cost of the system is worth it to you. I suggest that you go to each of the three homes within 100 yards of your land, and inquire of the owners as their solution to the sewage treatment problem on their property. JWA

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