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      can’t get kitchen sink to drain..had a plumber snake it..poured a few different liquid drain cleaners down & now it won’t drain at all..the washer drain is hooked into the sink so it backs up into the sink when u do laundry…now there is water sitting in the sink and it will not drain..tried plunging, didn’t work..help!!!!!!!

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      Wow a plumbers dream come true Kitchen sink grease mixed with lint and soap scum from a washing machine.

      Anyone knows SNAKING will not do this job properly is at best going to punch a small opening in this stoppage.

      Chemicals are GREAT for loosening just enough deposits to cause an even bigger stoppage down stream blocking everything up.

      Now this is what should be done.

      1- give the chemicals 24 hours to neutralize so the plumber doesn’t get splashed with your mixture of chemicals.

      2- Call a licensed plumbing contractor who owns a high pressure water jetter designed for small lines in this case you most lightly have a 2″ line.

      The water jetter will scour these lines to a like new condition.

      Tell your drain guy use the 1/8th penetrating nozzle using the pulsating action to get around tight bends.

      Water jetting is not cheap BUT it is the right job and will give you years and years of trouble free service if performed properly.

      Do yourself and your plumber a favor THROW AWAY the USELESS chemicals.

      They can actually eat away at old piping systems

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      If he poured a few different “chemicals” down your drain, you have bigger problems. If he used anything with sodium hydroxide (like drano), he basically turned the fat and grease in the line to soap, so you got problems.

      If he used sulfuric acid, and someone pours drano, ammonia or other basic materials, you have a nice primary explosive compressed in your line, so you got problems.

      I’m not a plumber, but I am a chemist, don’t go NEAR the sink as TiegerLMP stated, then try to run water SLOWLY. adding water quickly to sulfuric acid WILL get hot and WILL splash in your face.

      In chemistry, we have a proverb “Always do as you oughta, always add the acid to the water”


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