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        I have a problem with water flooding into my basement through the window wells of my foundation. I live in Washington state and when it rains for long periods of time (which is pretty much all winter) water gathers on the North side of my home and seeps through the cracks in my windows.

        I have recently read a couple of articles in magazines and “How To” books which describe how to construct a drain field to drain water away from the foundation by digging a trench and filling it with gravel and perforated pipe. I understand how to do this…I just don’t know if it will work in my situation. I don’t know how deep I need to dig this trench? Or how far away I should drain the water away from the house?

        Any suggestions?

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          OK if your window wells are above your normal sewer disposal line and local codes allow a combination system (storm and sanitary) going into the same pipe you can install a drain line as follows.

          1- Take the length the width and this way we can find the square foot of actual drainage area

          2- Then you have to figure the following if it is possible to lower the window well slightly lower then the existing height

          3- If you can then you have to consider the where your closest drain line connection is located inside the building (we are trying to use gravity drainage if possible)

          4- If you find a drain line near this area you can now have a plumbing contractor punch a hole through the foundation and install a cast Iron pipe (no less then 3″ diameter)

          5- Take this 3″ leader line directly from the wall and install a “LONG TURN TY” with a cap on the run (top) as your going to use the bull part as your 90 fitting so the storm water drops straight down and the top as a clean out.

          Always great practice to have a clean out on any change of directions greater then 45 degrees.

          6- Take this vertical line and connect it to a long radius fitting like a long sweep UNDER ground.

          7- Install a double running trap with a double clean out Or a 1/2 S trap with a clean out. (make sure you leave an access cover)

          8- connect the discharge from this trap at a right angle to the existing under ground “sewer pipe”

          9- The actual drain for the window well should be a cast iron drain with a dome like we install on roof drains for the following reason.

          1- If the drain should become covered with leaves the dome will afford you some extra protection until you open the window to clear away leaves and other debris that will collect around the combination flashing ring gravel stop

          This dome should be slightly LOWER then your window so if it does get blocked up the water will not come into your home.

          If you have no drain pipe in this vicinity or the local codes prevent the storm and sanitary system from being connected together you can lower the ground in the window well and install a self contained s pump like a Steven’s or Blue angel, Pumppex and or any of the other ones on the market BUT get a sewerage ejector as you want to be able to pass solids if necessary If you privately E mail me your length width and Height an of this pit (we call this height head) so we can size the sewerage ejector properly then you can pump this to another section of YOUR Property line of to another place of legal disposal.

          You maybe better off contacting a local plumber as this is sight unseen and I would automatically over size this non fouling impeller pump.

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