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        For me to enter into a battle of wits with Sylvan Tieger would be like me dueling with an unarmed man.

        Sylvan, your spelling is atrocious, as is your grammatical accuracy. I have to believe that this lack of attention to detail carries into your professional plumbing work.

        Your understanding of the inquiries posted on this Bulletin Board is almost constantly in error, and your understanding of the microbiology of the science of sewage treatment is nonexistant. I could go on and on, but what would be the point?

        It is a shame that you are an American representative on this International Forum. You are an embarrassment to your fellow Americans of all races. It is obvious to the International community that you are a bigot, and are insecure. You constantly criticize, and degrade anyone with an opinion that differs from yours.
        Why don’t you just answer the questions that you feel qualified to answer, and then shut up.

        It is guys like you that have caused a world perception of “The Ugly American.”

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Well said “ditch digger” ever work any skilled profession?
          TSK TSK TSK

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          Avatar photoRichard

            5ingJohn, its strange that to claim that TiegerLMP has no knowledge of microbiology, considering you have only 24 yrs experience digging holes. Did your apprenticeship involve grave-digging to teach you how to dig a hole? You have no licenses, and apprently no training except for some cemetary or landscaper handing you a spade.
            TiegerLMP may not be the most diplomatic in his language, but he did go through many years of training, on the job and in schooling and coursework at U of Oklahoma. Where is your degree in microbiology from(or any other field)?
            I never profess to be a plumber, I am a analytical/synthetic organic chemist WITH both classical and on the job training. 24 yrs digging graves doesn’t impress me in the least.
            Not to mention a degree in philosophy (speciallizing in ethics and public policy), I also have a chem degree, with grad work in Germany (Osnabrueck)
            [Edited by Richard on 15 October 2000]
            [Edited by Richard on 15 October 2000]

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              John, I AM, BIGOT against STUPIDITY of “ditch diggers” thinking they are so called professionals.

              When I need a “professional” designer I look for the engineering degree in this field
              NOT some guy from the back hills with a population of one family per 20 miles.

              I wish you would have asked me about MY FOREIGN accounts like Guinea (Conakry) , Benin and Kenya to name a few.

              Doing plumbing in these countries is not the same as plumbing in a BIG CITY it is different to say the least. BUT I do have an EMPLOYEE working there NOW running a few government financed jobs.

              I happen to love big city life and the fantastic museums we have and world class chiefs.

              Dont feel bad My friend NOT everyone can face real competition like a big city offers.
              Besides I honestly dont like being the LOW BIDDER to get jobs, even over sea’s

              Competition is fun and keeps one on their toes.

              Constantly learning new things makes these trades is fun and a challange.

              I am sure some folks who cant take pressure actually do enjoy doing the same job day after day digging a hole to plant a plastic box has to be a real stress relief task I would imagine.

              It gives them lots of time to learn to spell properly and go what ever they do on rainy days when digging is difficult.

              John not everyone wants to dig ditches and think they are “professionals” hiding in the sticks where they do not face REAL competition.

              Thriving in the real world has a lot to be said for itself.

              I happen to like dealing with PROFESSIONAL Engineers when doing jobs that require REAL EXPERTISE.

              Sinking a plastic box in the ground and having someone take soil samples for percolation is not really going to hold my attention as I like the challenge of learning new fields and having paid my dues going to various countries was a kick for the ego but didn’t bring in the bigger bucks that MAKING IT in a big city can do.

              So John before you say anyone has “bigoted” idea’s you should think about where your mind is going?

              A lowly ditch digger can also come from some un populated area in this country not just a 3rd world planet.

              John I am sure the depressed area your in as far as population has a need for folks looking for private disposal systems and thankfully you filled that need BUT PLEASEEEE don’t think your the Messiah of disposal as your only on an ego trip.

              I am SURE that others have come before you that also did disposal work.

              Have a great one. HEY John you DA man and the VERY best LOL I hope that made you feel better. Your admirer a “plumber”.

              Heard any good septic tank stories?

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              Avatar photoGuest

                John, I have read what you have to say regarding Mr. Tieger. It’s obvious that you maintain no sense of humor nor plumbing knowledge. When I first started reading Mr. Tieger’s work, I knew that the man knew his trade extremely well. You see, John, I too am a plumber and I have been for more years than you’ve been alive.
                When Mr. Tieger speaks of chalybeate, I know he spells it correctly for it’s important to him. If he had mispelled cast iron, pipes, gas, heating, roof drain, faucet, sink or any other plumbing term, you may have reason to feel there is a problem. I have never in this long lifetime known anyone that would hire the best plumber for his ability to win a spelling bee. Those little nerdy guys that won those spelling bees in school are certainly not the great plumbers of this nation that care about the health of the nation. Even the idiot Vice President can’t spell.
                The point to my writing this is simply to tell you that in my opinion, you made a real horse’s posterior of yourself by criticizing Mr. Tieger. You accuse him of doing just that to others and yet you come in here with your Master Ego thinking others will be impressed with you.
                I don’t know what it is that you do, but go do it and leave the plumbing to the Masters.

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                Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                  Pops and Richard Thank you for coming to my rescue.

                  Unfortunately when someone is at the top it is expected for the under dogs of society take cheap shots especially when they know ANYONE can do their TRADE.

                  For example My good friend John was very quick to point out my errors BUT far be it for a plumber to second guess a hole digger who plants plastic for a trade.

                  For example the sentence below shows john does know a “professional” trade such as plumbing by his remarks.

                  “Sylvan, your spelling is atrocious, as is your grammatical accuracy. I have to believe that this lack of attention to detail carries into your professional plumbing work.”

                  Yet far be it for me to sink to a hole diggers lack of mentality with pointing out the following

                  “Richard, a degree in Chemistry, AND philosophy? I systhesize, therefor I am. “It figgurs” (;>) JWA”

                  You must understand that a hole doesnt have to be exact BUT plumbing is a science and that John expects a lot more from me then himself as the following shows

                  So you see Richard and Pops we must consider the source and the high degree of admiration John does feel towards me as after all HE did follow me on my PLUMBVIEWS.

                  John knows in the game of life he can never be a real winner and thus he did pick me as his idol RIGHTFULLY so as who knows more about protecting the health of a nation then US Master plumbers.

                  We professionals feel prevention rather then cure is the way to go.

                  John is only digging holes for 24 years so you must consider he still has a long, long way to go to get it right.

                  I think the one article John did write was almost as good as any cartoon I have ever looked at.

                  Now John should look ALL my plumbview articles and then hopefully he will find out there is more to this profession then just fecal matter.

                  John thank you again as your reading my columns and my articles.

                  PLEASE John feel free to write more of your stimulating articles like Cast Iron Sumps as opposed to
                  the PLASTIC crap some low life’s are trying to push on the unsuspecting victims out there.

                  John I heard through the grape vine death Valley needs a septic tank for a trailer that broke down a few weeks ago BRING a water jug and shovel suitable for digging in sand. PLEASE don’t forget to wear that hat LOLOLOL

                  PS I read an article about drainage by a HIGHLY professional PHD/PE who wrote this article in Cleaner publications YOU really should consider going to his lectures.

                  He seems to know exactly what he is taking about AMAZING man.

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                  Avatar photoRichard

                    I have a feeling that John “gravedigger” is just envious of people who go through the trouble of getting a real education. I lost count how many times I fell asleep with my head in my textbooks studying for exams, or trying to figure out the principles behind phenomena I obsvered in the higher level chemistry lab courses. Its a matter of laziness to just grab a shovel and start digging to China than do some thinking.

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                    Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                      Richard do not concern yourself with John as his “specialty” is using NON recyclable materials under ground.

                      Sounds like toxic waste dumping to me But hey what do I know?

                      Far be it for John or his type of mentality or lack of , to look at companies like Federal pump corporation that do offer Cast Iron sumps or even properly treated steel tanks that handle HIGHLY corrosive steam condensate.

                      John it appears is NOT a “plumber” or an engineer is he?.

                      Please don’t pick on him Richard as would you rather him getting welfare and being MORE of a burden to society then he already is?

                      Read Mr. EXPERT Johns reply below

                      ” Polyethylene septic tanks are also difficult to install if done properly. Much care must be taken in the backfilling operation. I always backfill a plastic tank by hand with a shovel, and with selected soils. Also be sure the tank is full of water prior to backfilling.

                      I wonder if he meant He can do it CHEAPER/EASIER if he doesn’t do the job properly?

                      “Selected soils” Does this mean imported from MARS or some other place never touched by man?.

                      In the BIG City we use “clean fill” or sand But this AINT ” selected soils” as We cant afford to import these “selected soils” from out of state land fills specially made by “chemists” :-) just for plastic tanks applications.

                      Sounds more like coffee beans to me but hey its HIS “Soil” home grown in Selected fields.

                      Richard why not ask John for the chemical composition of this “selected BY HAND sifted 10,000 times soil.

                      I personally cant think of ONE SINGLE plummmmin pipe that care should not be taken in the proper bed and back fill and compacting application.

                      Even Quality cast Iron needs proper CLEAN back FILL But John knew that HUH other wise he wouldn’t have made it sound like ONLY CHEAP non high tensile strength plastic needs to be installed with care.

                      Imagine Johns insight after all these years to find out HE is the only one with this God Given gift to know about tampering by hand in Layers.

                      WOW and all this time when I did utility work as a sub contractor installing gas lines it was ALL LUCK.

                      I guess the fuel tanks that a LICENSED MASTER PLUMBER installs for gas stations can be laid in any kind of fill like rocks and we dont have toworry about high water tables WHO cares as it not plastic HUH?

                      DIG A DITCH drop in the tank and forget about it HUH John?

                      After all Only YOU have “the GIFT” and you hand “selected the soil” ONE TEA SPOON at a time.

                      I wonder if John thinks a GAS STATION fuel UNDER GROUND tank get emptied LESS or more then his plastic Magic cure all? Fecal matter is more Dangerous compared to gasoline tanks it would appear as we dont use “selected GRADE AAA soil”

                      Only septic tanks are subject to floating up NEVER these fuel tanks that fill and empty weekly. Yup its all LUCK on the plumbers part.

                      WE plumbers ARE SURE Lucky John came around when he did.

                      Yes it sure is easy installing a 30,000 gallon # 2 oil tank for a 15,000 apartment complex EASY piece of cake with NYC Bed rock and low water tables.

                      Im SURE has to be so difficult installing a “plastic” tank used for TOXIC sewerage from a one family home especaially high up in a mountain Or in a sold rock DESERT

                      Thank you John for letting us know how hard it is to actually take water tables and soil conditions into consideration YOU DA BEST HOLE DIGGER out there

                      By the way Johnny There is a TRADE called pipe coaters WHO also coat concrete and steel and various other materials EVEN though they don’t manufacturer the tanks.

                      For example a lot of car dealers use AFTER market under coating companies BUT John didn’t bother to think of the longevity a GREAT poured in place concrete tank can afford LOOK at BIG CITY catch basins like Boston Chicago and NYC.

                      Did John ever think of the new spray on applications available for older concrete

                      This same technology can be used for newer tanks to give the benefit of STRONG long lasting cement with the acid resistance of a spay on polymer application internally BUT it cost more then a CHEAP plastic box installed by hand digging by minimum wage employees.

                      Have fun John and thank you again for telling me about the difficult task you face in installing these MONSTER tanks LOL especially digging by hand a hole the size of the grand canyon MUST be hard to get help HUH?

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                      Avatar photoGuest

                        These guys got a lot of time too right.

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                        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

                          Nick, How much time do you figure Sylvan wasted trying to insult me? And secondly, who cares? He is amazing, he could go on forever. :>) JWA

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                          Avatar photofourth year

                            What do you mean he could go on forever? I thought he already did, except he doesn’t say much except to badmouth anyone who doesn’t agree with him or his other two screen names.

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                            Avatar photoRichard

                              Fourthyear: Notice that the title of this list is MASTERPlumbers.com. John is a glorified grave-digger, and what makes you think you will even PASS the journeyman test, much less the masters???

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                              Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

                                Fourth Year, “other two screen names??” JWA

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                                Avatar photoRichard

                                  I am not a plumber (as you pointed out time and time again), but an analytical peptide chemist. However, I started out with water quality control, and still am asked to consult on such matters. I also worked as a plumber to pay my way through college until I was at a point that I can seek employment in my field. I raised to the rank of jr. mechanic (non-union shop). The only plumbing I do know is that necessary to install HPLC’s, GC’s, AA’s, and at times super-critical fluid extractors (they use liquified CO2 by playing with the pressure against the phase diagram).
                                  I agree with you that Tieger is no diplomat, but I havn’t found him to be wrong yet, and he readily admits when he doesn’t know something. I often consult him via e-mail when I enter a sticky situation, and his advice is always beneficial to me, and those that I work for.


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                                  Avatar photofourth year

                                    Other two names. RIchard and Pops. That is the only reason I could think of for Richard to say ST has never been wrong yet. Either that or he is not very discerning. And if ST offered me a free trip to NYC, which I doubt since he knows I would take him up on it, I would have gone even if I were purported to be 91 years old with a teeny bopper nurse, or especially so.

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                                    Avatar photoRichard

                                      Your power (actually lack-thereof) of deduction amazes me. You think 3 people, who live in different parts of the country, with different careers, are the same person?? INCREDULOUS. I guess you scored REALLY well on the SAT’s and graduated with a degree manga cum laude from MIT and decided to put your knowledge to learn how to carry a bucket of tools and the names of the fittings.
                                      Or, the more likely scenario, you know that you will be a helper for the rest of your life, and you resent the fact that others have
                                      a} more raw intellegence than you
                                      b) more formal education
                                      c) more experience, and actually learn something a posteriori

                                      As to my credentials, I did my undergraduate as a double major, chemistry and philosophy, and was due to start an MS/PhD program in environmental analytical chemistry at Rutgers University, when I was struck with leukemia. That put a temporary damper on things. So now I work full time producing substrates (specific peptides for testing enzyme levels and activities) and do water quality testing, until I get back into the MS/PhD program this spring or next fall (when my dr’s give me the green light)

                                      So, 4th year, I suggest you keep your mouth closed, before your foot gets stuck in it.

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                                      Avatar photoGuest

                                        John, I looked at your profile and still don’t understand what it is that you do. You have something to do with septic tanks but it doesn’t appear that you dig ditches to place them. What kind of treatment do you do to septic tanks? Do you use chemicals or drain them or what? There is no licence number so I assume it doesn’t take a degree or licence to do what you do. How did you get started in this business? I am not being facetious by asking. I am really interested. Who do you get your referrals from, the homeowner or the plumber? Do you do mostly private work or for the city? I have many questions for you because I am a very curious person. I say, “Let’s stop the feuding and get to know about the knowledge we may have at our fingertips”. What you do just may be a valuable asset to the health of the nation. I want to know.
                                        If you would stop making every post an insult to Sylvan, you may earn credibility and allow folks to know that what you do is important.
                                        Sylvan owns a discussion list and I know he would welcome you to join. The discussions are of variable subjects and I think you’re occupation would fit on the list.
                                        One more question before I decide if we are compatible. Are you a Republican or a Democrat?
                                        Have a great week, John. Look forward to hearing from you.
                                        Get over your paranoia also. Richard the Mad Scientist, myself, the young 91 year old and Tieger, are not one in the same. My plumbing days are over, I was never even close to being a chemist and surely you can tell from my tact that I am not a New Yorker. Keep an open mind, John, It’s the key to communication.
                                        Look forward to hearing more about you and what you do.

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                                        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

                                          Fourth Year, I think you are right! Richard (Sylvan??) guesses that:

                                          “you scored REALLY well on the SAT’s and graduated with a degree manga cum laude (MANGA CUM LAUDE??) from MIT and decided to put your knowledge to learn how to carry a bucket of tools and the names of the fittings.”

                                          Sounds to me like more of Sylvan’s distorted imagination. JWA

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                                          Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

                                            Pops, Please post a separate inquiry on the MasterPlumbers.com Bulletin Board. Nobody wants to read through the volume of insults that you, Sylvan, and Richard hurled in my direction after I posted my perception of Sylvan Tieger.

                                            In order to validate my posting as an inquiry, I had to ask a question. After reading the many responses submitted by Sylvan and Richard, and one response from you, I found that no one has answered my question. This is typical of Tieger’s performance in responding to inquiries about seemingly ALL aspects of the Sewerage and Drainage Industry. He doesn’t answer the original question.

                                            I appreciate your interest in knowing more about my abilities. I do not want to brag about my many acomplishments in my career. I think that I will allow my responses to inquiries regarding issues on which I am qualified to comment, display my competence. I always strive to answer the question. JWA

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                                            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                                              Here Pops is a highly PROFESSIONAL in this field.

                                              This “licensed professional” will be able to answer all your septic questions.

                                              What a world of information is out there.


                                              May God bless you pops. Keep up your fine postings.

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                                              Avatar photoRichard

                                                Hey Gravedigger: You say you always answer questions, yet you noticably avoided the questions posed to you by POPS regarding your credentials. You claim you don’t want to brag, but I notice that you only put ONE listing on Plumbviews, while Tieger has a myriad of them. So, what are your credentials, licensing, education, etc? On other words, answer POPs question, or you’re just as you claim Tieger is for not answering questions. I understand it doesn’t take a PhD in physics to dig holes. After all, that’s what migrant workers are for. Maybe you should hand a spade to the 4th yr helper, he can probably dig holes given your mentorship and many years of experience shoveling schmutz. Hey, when you retire, maybe you can shovel manure from the stables out there.

                                                Besides, by creating a post named “Battle of Wits with Sylvan Tieger” you are just making him more “famous”.

                                                [Edited by Richard on 25 October 2000]

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                                                Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                                                  Richard please forgive John and his ONE little article on plumbviews as
                                                  1- He isn’t a plumb and his views were BORING
                                                  2- He only has one possible skill so please don’t take that little bit away from him.

                                                  Unlike the PROFESSIONAL who explain How Your Septic System Works I have read about with Quality concrete designs and his numerous licenses and his explanation of HOW and why it works. (http://www.apalacheeseptic.com/septic-info.htm)

                                                  John wrote his TINY one article to the best of his limited ability.

                                                  Being a LMP I can freely discuss heating/drain cleaning/video inspections/drain and sewer installations/welding and material selections/boiler inspections/commerical /industrial/ instutional and residential installations.

                                                  As a Master fire suppression piping contractor and a member of good standing of the NFPA I can discuss life safety aspects of stand pipes and dry sprinkler piping (NFPA13 and ASME) BUT alas poor John only can talk about his very limited field as HE came on a “plumbers” discussion group and not staying on his ditch digging adventures burying plastic boxes.

                                                  John knows he could never be taken seriously that is why he wasn’t asked to be a writer on ANY list other then following ME.

                                                  When reading Cole publications like pumper and drainer I never saw ANY article he wrote unlike my article about the drain cleaning as a profession and how high tech equipment is now the way to go UNLIKE Johns hand digging with “special soil”

                                                  Now if John had said he was helping a big city like I am doing right now with this new program.

                                                  Best Management Practices (BMPS) For Non-Residential direct and indirect discharges of grease to the public sewer system I would say WOW John knows SOMETHING about environmental protection Other then putting a plastic box in the ground.

                                                  I know several “plumbers” who specialize in strictly drainage systems BUT the key is they ARE Plumbers fully qualified with the proper schooling and back ground to back it up.

                                                  Someone saying “I worked in the plumbing field for 30 years” could very well mean they drove the plumbing supply truck.

                                                  Richard and Pops please let John have at least his ego intact and stop this stuff as comparing him to any REALLY technical trade or skill like the “Master plumbers” site.

                                                  John knows he isn’t a plumber or gas fitter or sprinkler contractor so let him dig in peace by hand and let him think in his own mind that ONLY he has to be concerned about percolation and tanks being buried under ground.

                                                  Pops please don’t make john feel bad about telling him about the HUGE oil tanks and gas tanks LMPs install. Never explain to John about the “plumbing ” contracts we plumbers do with waste treatment plants and how “plumbers” install slurry pumping stations DON’T confuse John with facts.

                                                  Let him continue his septic tanks up in the woods where he cant do too much damage in case of a foul up UNLIKE a journeyman plumber who installs a bad connection on a gasoline tank in a BIG crowded city gas station.

                                                  John YOU DA MAN the Best of the best dat be you By the way john take a look at this (concrete Quality HUH)? How Your Septic System Works

                                                  Rich remember John can spell almost perfect and That is what really counts when using a pick and shovel when hand digging in the bushes.

                                                  Hey Richard READ this for a GREAT article http://www.apalacheeseptic.com/septic-info.htm

                                                  Seems the only one who supports John is a helper who has no clue about plumbing YET

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                                                  Avatar photofourth year

                                                    Maybe I will get a clue in the fifth year. And if I read enough of your postings and distill the errors out of them, then what is left might help to give me that clue. But I doubt it. Have you recouped that quarter million investment yet? And has Pop decided to take you up on the week in NYC with his nurse?

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                                                    Avatar photoRichard

                                                      fourthyear: you obviously have no idea what it takes to start a business. The money pledged is being used to get governmental certifications, analytical equipment (including an atomic absorbtion spectrophotometer that requires its own safety measures), as well as volumetric grade standards. You don’t just test water, you always run against a sample of known concentrations, and with metals these are certified in most cases by NIST and ASTM. There are also EPA and DEP regulatory agencies to report to. This doesn’t include cGLP and ISO certification and training of all of our employees, and the mandatory OSHA laboratory safety course that all employees must be trained in before they can even pick up a single test tube. Luckily, TiegerLMP is certified and qualified to teach the OSHA courses, and I am hiring a speciallist in ISO and EPA guidelines to speak on required issues. THEN we can open shop and start business, but no business starts overnight. But then again, you aren’t in your own business, you just fetch donuts and coffee for the mechanics. Hey, we all had to pay our dues in the beginning. I started out just making buffers and doing plant extractions. Every trade does this, and it serves two purposes:
                                                      1: seperates the men from the boys
                                                      2: teaches them the profession from the ground up

                                                      so for now, I’ll have my coffee light, 2 sugars

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                                                      Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                                                        Thank you Richard.
                                                        Unfortunately your dealing with a helper not even a semi mechanic yet.

                                                        What he and John fail to realize is I hire top notch folks hopefully who know more then I do as why do I have to show someone how to do their jobs?

                                                        Henry ford hired the BEST GREAT idea still works

                                                        John unfortunately is a ditch digger who only could write one boring article as what else can he say about digging a hole for fecal matter?

                                                        He is lucky as he knows his limitations and the helper still has no clue to what he still has to learn BUT I think he will never really make it as a top notch tradesman as he thinks he knows it all already so he is untrainable.

                                                        The helpers lack of mentality shines through thinking you take $250,000 place it on a table and your in the water treatment business.

                                                        If this helper (coffee boy) only knew the actual cost of doing business (He should read Maio systems) then he would be at least semi skilled in something.

                                                        Don’t waste your time Richard trying to explain something that is way over this kids head. I think he will be sniffing enough glue to keep him entertained for the next 20 years as a semi skilled trades person.

                                                        Even a 1st year helper still knows more then a ditch digger even with special soils and hand shoveling

                                                        Talk bout 4th world mentality, this is the exact reason I decided not to have helpers working for me and I hire professional hole diggers as required as why use a highly skilled person to do Johns menial job?
                                                        24 YEARS he is doing the SAME BORING task shows the lack of ambition if you ask me.

                                                        I would think being a “specialist” at hole digging is something to brag about BUT then again I see little kids digging in the sand at the beach with the same stupid look on their faces.

                                                        A Normal person would most lightly become BORED stiff I would think.

                                                        Lucky we have folks like that around that like to play in the dirt and have no real skills or licenses. Yup we need folks who still dig by hand measuring every inch of soil they put back in place, making absolutely sure no pebbles can scratch the plastic box they bury in the mountains and deserts on the face of the earth.

                                                        Have plastic mold will travel.

                                                        Amazing job if you can stand the boredom.

                                                        Richard on the days the ground is frozen and during the rainy season john cant work so he studies the dictionary to prevent himself from getting even more BORED in his dull existence.

                                                        The high light of his entire life was coming BEHIND me to talk about digging a hole

                                                        His one article behind my many topics
                                                        Personally I would have talked about digging on the side of mountain and having a mule carry my pick and shovel up a long winding mountain trail wearing a very silly hat to make the story more interesting.

                                                        BUT hey john knows digging is FAR from rewarding so he went after his idol as when your on top you have the little folks like John to look up to me.

                                                        John HERE read this article and SEE A HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL written WEB site

                                                        < SEE John THIS guy knows his PROFESSION look at your attempt at an article and look at this WOW big difference HUH GUY?

                                                        But John you do spell better then me see I gave you credit LOL

                                                      • #299155
                                                        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                                                          By the way helper the money I did invest I do not expect to see a profit from for at least 2 years BUT It does give me a tax write off and later on possibly Richard can get some government grants.

                                                          When my 18 mechanics drew a salary of over $25,000 per week I still made money and having an employee making good money is the key to being successful.

                                                          You being a “learner” would actually be a LIABILITY to me as I cant trust a helpers a judgment which you have proved many a time on here.

                                                          I normally expect a PAY BACK on my investments within 4 to 5 years BUT reading what you have written

                                                          I would consider you a loss leader and take a tax loss on you as pay back from you actually earning me money I couldnt wait for.

                                                          My Jetters all paid for themselves in less then 2 months

                                                          My roller Grover paid for itself on the very 1st sprinkler/stand pipe job I used it in ONE working day.

                                                          I expect to actually triple my investment with Richard in less then 4 years.

                                                          Plumbing is a science and with the safe water drinking act pouring even more chemicals into the water system to bring up the so called Quality.

                                                          Chemists are going to be really big key players in this industry.
                                                          Guys like you will install the filter Richard specifies. You will be the professionals LACKEY installing what professionals like him tell you.

                                                          Mark my words HELPER the water quality testing and filtration field in PLUMBING will exceed a billion dollars in the next year or less.

                                                          So my investing a few chump change dollars doesn’t mean a thing in the long run.

                                                          Everyone is going to have a filter JUST like almost everyone now has a computer so guess who will have the Professional staff to pick the correct filter for the application.

                                                          Have fun Helper and think about water quality LOL

                                                          Better LIVING through Chemistry and Yes We plumbers do protect the health of the Nation WITH professional chemists guiding us

                                                          As a matter of fact the stocks I did cash in TOOK a severe hit right after I withdrew so I actually saved money getting out.

                                                          Timing is everything. Have a GREAT week end

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                                                          Avatar photoGuest

                                                            I posted a question a few days ago, and received answers from the two protagonists in question. From JWA I received a thoughtful and detailed suggestion which seems reasonable. From Sylvan I received only a hyperlink to his web site, as if he uses this forum to advertise himself. I enjoyed reading the lively exchanges here.

                                                          • #299157
                                                            Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

                                                              Sylvan (and Richard), this is my first response to you since my initial inquiry posted 26 responses ago. Of the 26 responses, I responded to others, 4 times. I responded once to Nick regarding the amount of time you have wasted composing you lengthy, ineffective responses, twice to Fourth Year regarding his well reasoned theory that Sylvan, Richard, and Pops are in fact the same person, and once to Pops regarding his respectful request for me to post my credentials on this forum. Sylvan, you posted 9, insult laden, responses, none of which contained an answer to my question. Richard posted 7, equally insulting, responses. Pops posted 1 somewhat insulting response, and 1 response that asked for a more conciliatory attitude between the principles of this discussion.

                                                              It would be fruitless to address the attempted insults, and the specious arguments, which are just brain sludge spewing forth from the mouths of Sylvan, and Richard. Your feeble attempts to adequately insult, and offend me are laughable, and only disclose your collective ignorance.

                                                              The purpose of my initial inquiry was to make Sylvan Tieger more famous, or more accurately, more infamous. Based upon the quality (or lack thereof) of his lengthy responses, and the fact that he has not as yet answered the original question, he is now WORLD FAMOUS for his stupidity, and his ineffectiveness in responding to inquiries on this forum. Richard, you are riding on his coattails. Lisa Gill, the last respondent to this one sided “Battle”, makes my point.

                                                              Now for a lesson in creative insults from a “gravedigger”, and and “country boy from the sticks.” A very famous “country boy”, Abraham Lincoln, devised this insult in response to the specious arguments of Stephen Douglas, during the Lincoln/Douglas Debates.

                                                              “Your arguments are as thin as the BROTH, made from the SHADOW of the bones from a crow which has starved to death.”

                                                              Pretty good, HUH?

                                                              Mr. Richard Robinson, a mountain man from Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, an excellent heavy equipment operator, and a man who possesses much “backwoods wisdom,” would read the responses made by Sylvan, and would dryly say,

                                                              “Sylvan Tieger, if brains was leather, his wouldn’t saddle a bug!”

                                                              In light of my confession that I posted this inquiry just to “bait” Sylvan Tieger, a MASTER PLUMBER, into revealing the low level of his intelligence, well, I guess that qualifies me as a “MASTER BAITER”. ;>) JWA

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