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      Can anyone help? I have a slow kitchen drain; after plunging it can keep up with full open faucet, but then reverts back to a very slow drain. Suspect air bubble, also I hear water drain then stop on and off when water level falls below drain. Do I have to reset drain-pipe position. What else can be wrong?

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      Like most kitchen drain partical blockages, grease is the problem.

      Snaking or using a plunger is only a stop gap as either one only removes some of this debris build up. Chemicals I found are not only useless but dangerous.

      Your best bet is to hire a licensed plumber and have him her water jet this line.

      Think of it like this.

      Place your finger in a jar of grease, mud, or other soft material and pull it out, SEE the hole close up again? Same with a grease stoppage it must be flushed away and snaking isn’t going to do it. Have fun

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      Sylvan, what an EXCELLENT example you gave with the finger in the jar of grease/mud. I can now understand why water jetting should be used instead of snaking in some instances. Keep up the good work!!!

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