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        The inspector in our area says that they follow Ohio Plumbing code. He says that we need a sealed sump basket with 2″ vent, etc. First question, what is considered the trap, do I need to put a trap in the line somewhere and where should it be. Also, If I want to vent this through its own stack, is it legal to run a 2″ single fixture stack through my roof. Lastly, he says It has to have 4″ coming off of it to be used as a floor drain. Do I need to trap and vent a floor drain in a basement (concrete floor) THis will be basically used for condenstation from a heating/cooling unit? I guess basically, from the sump out to the floor drain, I don’t know what he wants.

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        Avatar photofourth year

          The first question would be do you really need this unit? He is setting you up for a basement bathroom. For your purposes, if you have described them correctly, you just need a condenssate pump which sets next to the unit and evacuates the condensate as it accumulates.

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            Your correct. That is what I explained to him. I don’t have plans to put a bathroom in the basement. However, he says that if there is a backup of the septic system on the floor, it has to run through this system. I have no intention of doing this wrong, or cheaply, just don’t want to be harrassed because I am doing it myself. It would seem that he is just giving me a hard time. I can’t understand for just a single floor drain for the condensation from my heater/cooler that I would need this sump basket, a 4 ” drain, etc. HELP

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