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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        last march i bought a small older home.about a month later the washer out flow would surface in the shower stall the toilet would empty very slowly and sometime over flow.i felt that there was a clog some where in the line ,i snaked all the drains to no avail.i then had the tank pumped out (tank is concrete 1000gal buried about 2 feet below the surface)when the tank was opened it was cholk full blocking the intake pipe from the house.i had no problems until recently when i’ve noticed puddles of water on the surface of the ground above the tank when i do laundry. i live in the north east the water table in this area is high there is a number of trees in the yard would hydro jetting the line that leaves the septic tank help and if not what would money is very scarce for me at this time.any advice or answers would be greatly appreciated.thanks in advance.

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        Avatar photoKen Zoeller

          “hydro jetting the line that leaves the septic tank” to the d-box if there is one may not help. “hydro jetting the line” from the d-box to the end of the latearal line and then doing something that may not be done in your area COULD help. With a vaccuum trunk, get a very good seal at the lines at the d-box and the 2″+ hose from the vac truck. Draw a complete vaccuum on the truck and then crack the valve on the truck wide open. Do this several time on each line and hope. It may not clear the clogs.

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          Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

            Alsation, it sounds like your leach field, for whatever reason, has ceased to function properly.

            There may be a clog in the leach field distribution pipes. The typical, inefficient septic tank does not have the capability of retaining gross solids that are in suspension in the sewage. Things like plastic bags, small plastic bottles, plastic toys, condoms, Tampon applicators, flushable diapers, facial tissues, paper towels, and various other products of our modern society, will flow right through a baffled septic tank. I have personally observed all of these items (even undigested corn kernels, Yuk!) in distribution boxes, and in the distribution pipes in the leach fields of failing septic systems. I know that this is not a pretty picture, but it is a reality of our times.

            These solids will accumulate inside the 4 inch perforated PVC distribution pipes which are intended to deliver “clarified” septic tank effluent to the gravel filled leach field. The procedure that Ken Zoeller suggests may be effective in removing these indigestible solids, and the other microbial slimes that grow in the bottom of the pipes.

            But then what? If you install a septic tank effluent filter in the outlet tee of the tank, these suspended solids will be retained in the tank, and removed when the sludge is removed. Zoeller Pump Company manufactures a line of septic tank effluent filters which I recommend without reservation. If you do not install a filter, then you are destined relive this experience.

            There is another possibility of a condition which may be causing this failure. I do not have the time to explain this other possibilty in the detail which I think is necessary, so I will close for now, and post another response this evening. In the meantime, enjoy your breakfast. JWA

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