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        I am installing a HiLo Industries model 1100 EZ pump to provide me with a toilet and lavatory on my lower floor. I need to connect the discharge (plastic) to my cast iron plumbing. There is a cleanout with a 3 1/2 inch brass plug in a convienent location to make the connection. I will add a new cleanout in line with where the old one was at the other end of the added pastic fitting. I think the threaded adapter is installed using oakum and lead. How difficult is it to remove the plug and the associated threaded adapter from the cast iron hub and replace it with a plastic adapter? Is it something I may be able to do myself, or should I contact a plumber?

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          Hey my brother in law lives in Wappingers Falls, Off RTE 9

          They have some really decient plumbers there as I inspected some of the new construction for a local investor.

          I was even called in to check the plumbing being preformed at Vasser hospital and the local guys really follow codes and do quality work.

          I think you should seriously consider hiring a licensed and insured Master Plumber so you wont have to worry if the job was performed to local code.

          Good luck and check out Cold springs along 9D as the fall season is approaching.
          Fantastic color changes along the Hudson

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