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      (Sorry if this posts twice …)

      I need to put in a drain pan in a first floor laundry facility. Can anyone tell me where to get one (i.e. how common of an item is it – will any plumbing supply have one or is it a specialty item?) & more importantly, what it looks like? Is it PVC? Metal?

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      Hi Dave, Normally we make our own laundry pan made from 4 PSF sheet lead with 4″ high walls all around.

      The reason I like lead it is immune to most chemical attacks like bleach.

      You could also try to locate a terrazzo base.

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      Many plumbing/heating supply houses stock or can get either metal or plastic pans in various sizes.

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      I believe the brand is Muskee. This pan is sloped to a 2 inch drain which is a decent size for spills. This pan also has a removable front which makes removal for serviceing easier, also this pan is a heavy gauge material not a thin plastic that in my opinion is a waste of time.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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