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        My toliet runs water every 5 minutes or so, like it is refilling something somewhere. THe problem is I have no idea why, where the water is going is most of all, HOW TO SHUT IT OFF. It is so annoying! Help!

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          The water is running into the overfill tube in the centar of toilet tank. I wonder if you added up all of the running toilets in the world how much water that would equate to. Oh well, if your float level is to high this will also cause water to run into it. sounds like the flapper seal at the bottom is leaking. Chlorine has distorted it or caused oxidation of the rubber. You can get away with just replacing the rubber flapper seal connected to the chain at the bottom of the toilet but, at this time it is a good idea to rebuild the whole thing.
          Go to Home Depot or a home center and buy yourself a Fillmaster toilet rebuild kit follow the instructions on the pakage. Make sure you have a bucket with you when you do it. If you are mechanicly challenged then call a plumber. Good luck nothing sounds better than a good flush.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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