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        We recently had about 4 to 5 inches of rain in 36 hour period and we have water coming into the basement from under the floor near an exterior wall were the outside downspout goes into the ground. The water is coming in under the tiles “very” slowly. I believe the drain tiles are soaked (house is 85 yrs. old) and that the downspout should be redirected away from the house instead of going into the ground next to the basement wall. Do you think that this should solve the problem?


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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          The leader (down spout) is most lightly connected to a Strom line that over the years may have become blocked with leaves and other debris.

          Personally I would try to have these lines either snaked or water jetted cleaned AND if that fails then relocate the discharge of the water.

          The problem with just eliminating this down spout some codes are very strict about

          1- Having storm water going on someone else’s property

          2- Going on city property as this may over load the city catch basin capacity.

          For every action there is a reaction think this one through.

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          Avatar photobungie

            A house with stormwater drains 85 yrs old. I dont like your odds on clearing the lines. When a sewer has tree roots grow into the lines and block, people notice it straight away and get it fixed. Stormwater lines can be blocked for yrs before anybody see’s and tries to fix it. In this time the tree roots are no longer feelers and small roots but large trunks that will not budge. Think carefully before commiting to a $150 – $200 drain clean that might not work

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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