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      i,ve been storing water from the washing machine on the first floor in a small ferrocement tank and using this water for flushing the ground floor toilet. problem is the grey water starts to smell if stored form more than a day. is this decomposition and smell due to biological action or chemical action? if biological i guess a bit of bleaching powder will solve it but if it is chemical what do i do? rainman

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      Rainman, Your kidding right?
      Why not just collect water runoff from the roof when it rains to flush that downstairs toilet?
      Seriously, what does it cost now a days to flush a toilet? Is it worth having dirty water sit around the house?
      Greywater receives its name after a process of cleansing, are you processing this water?
      Anyway I really do not have a good answer for your question, other than you should waste it into the public sewer, so that you do not take a chance with the health of your family.
      Good Luck,

      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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      thanks bill. I’m not kidding . There are 10 people who use the loo since this is a home office and thats a lot of flushing 5x4x10 = 200 LITRES i guess. The rain water too is led into the tank but i prefer to use rainwater for other purpose since it is so good in quality.
      ANY solution would be welcome.

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      Put a sealed lid on the tank and vent it to the atmosphere

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      thanks bungie. i’ll do that. but once again is what’s happening chemical or biological?

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      The water smells becaus of bacteia that don’t use oxygen, oxygenating the water may keep it sweet on the nose.. Try using an aquarium air pump to aerate and disturb the water in your storage tank

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      Thank you C.Thompson. I’ll do just that. I SORT OF SUSPECTED ANAEROBIC DECOMPOSITION AND I TRY TO USE SOME BLEACHING POWDER. It does help for a short time. I’ll put in the aquarium pump today.

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      Using rainwater for anything except watering a garden is crazy. A dilute bleach solution will work in the short term, that’s about it.
      Domestic water and water treatment plants exist for a reason. Besides the aneorobic germs creating mercaptins and sulfides (which you can smell), you are also subject to gases that you cannot smell. I know you are from India, and sanitation is not a priority there, but safety is an international effort.

      the Friendly Chemist

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