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      We’ve been having a problem recently with the toilet and draining system. Sometimes when you flush the toilet it is fine, goes right down, water comes right back up. Other times, it comes to the top and has to be plunged down. When dishes are done, or someone takes a shower, the water in the toilet will rise almost to the top.
      Sometimes when it is flushed the water will go down, and stay down way to the bottom, making a gurgling sound, and the water level will not rise for hours.

      We do have a septic tank, there are no clogs in the vent, we’ve checked those already.

      Also, we’ve noticed that sometimes when someone is taking a shower, the water will come out of the overflow vent on the side of the house.

      We can’t figure it out – will be fine for a few days, and then be messed up for a while and then straighten out again.

      Any ideas?? We’re baffled and don’t know what to do…

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      Try these steps. Check sewer to septic tank. Check line from septic tank to drainage field. Check septic tank. Check drainage field. if you let this problem persist the entire system to the to the point of blockage will probably form sludge.

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