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      We just bought a house and when the sump pump kicks on, we get a very strong sewer smell which tends
      to detract from the nice finished
      family room which is on the opposite side of the basement. Is there anything that can be done to reduce this odor?

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      If you can seal the top of the sump and be sure to run a vent to the outside. A product that I have used to control oders coming in trough wet areas such as this is Bio-clean

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      If the sump is sealed and vented properly you will not need no bio-clean.
      The Local Plumber

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      Bill the local plumber is correct. FORGET chemicals other then possibly house hold ones like Clorox or pine oil.

      What you could do is put some bleach into the sump let it sit over night then pump it out in the morning, this should kill any germ causing bacteria.

      As long as the sump is properly sealed and vented you should have no problems

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      Bio-Clean is a bacteria not a chemical, I do not believe in chemicals used in drain lines to unstop the lines, as this can be damaging to the lines or the users. I agree that sealing the sump would eliminate the problem as I stated in my earlier response, the Bio-Clean was an another way to try to solve your problem.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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