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        The access hole on my sewer vent has stripped threads. This happened with the previous owners of the house. There is also a 6″pvc drain from a toilet that is directed into the access hole of the vent pipe. There is a rubber boot around the pvc pipe and the the a threaded nipple and then it’s just pushed up to the access hole of the vent pipe. The problem is of course everytime water comes from the bathroom it leaks out of this access hole. How can I get this repaired? Need help quickly. To whom ever answers this thanks for you time.

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          Contact the old owners and let them know they left you will an illegal plumbing job and you expect them to pay for the services of a licensed Master plumber to “make it right”

          The problems associated with sewer gasses entering a building aside from the putrid smell is the real danger of cancerous fumes from the sewer Methane, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide.

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