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      We have a 24 year old home 10 minutes out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. We have done some renovations … new concrete
      floor in the basement along with new plumbing, now gas furnace, gas hot water tank. Since these renovations we have
      noticed, expecially in the winter months, a strong sewer smell. Thus far we have taken the rod out of the hot water tank,
      have had a contractor dig up our back yard just to tell us that the line from the septic tank to the house was totally in
      tack! We have poured boiling water down the vent in the winter, just in case it was frozen. We shock our well at least
      twice yearly.

      The smell seems to eminate from the fresh air vent and it is very very strong in the winter when someone is taking a long
      hot shower or a hot load of laundry.

      I would appreciate any possible leads you may have. Winter is coming and I do not want to deal with this odor for another

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      Hopefully the contractor who poured the new concrete floor didn’t bury a clean out.

      Since house is 24 years old the internal piping could be partially blocked with years of accumulation of grease and laundry soap deposits along with other bacteria that can cause smells.

      The easiest thing to try 1st is water jetting these to a like new condition snaking is strictly good for hard stoppages like roots.

      The water jetter will not only scour the pipes clean BUT flush away all the build up at the same time.

      You could also get fancy and have a video inspection to double check the cleaning was performed properly.

      If this doesn’t do it have a local Master Plumber perform a smoke test to make sure your vents are intact. Good luck

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