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        I’m currently in Escrow on a house that runs on Septic and need some information.

        This house is in a highly populated residential area in Los Angeles County. I’ve been told by a plumber that you can’t repair a septic system in the Los Angeles area because a city mandate requires you to hook up to Sewer. Is this true? If so where can I get reliable information in print to verify it?

        Also is there a way for me to get a reliable statement of the average life expectancy of Septic Systems. The system I may be purchasing has been pumped or maintained in any way only once in more than 37 years. Is it possible that this system will continue to work properly without repair?

        There is no room on the lot for a new leech pit/field, how can I prove the need to hook up to sewer if the seller of this property argues that the septic system is working and will continue to work for many years?

        ANY help you can offer in this regard will be very much appreciated, I’m having a very difficult time getting straight answers from anyone. I’m a first time home buyer, I’m afraid of getting screwed in this deal, especially after researching permit costs to hook to sewer.

        Stephen LeBlanc

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        Avatar photoTheLocalPlumber

          There are certain areas in L.A. County that mandate you to hook to the public sewer.
          There are other areas in L.A. that do not have this requirement.
          It sounds as if you will need to hook to the public sewer and this consideration should be involved in your total purchase price of the house. Where was your realtor? These things need to be disclosed before escrow. It may be that you have a case against the realtor for non- disclosure.
          At any rate you will be much better in the long run to connect to the public sewer. I would put all of my energies to following that path.
          Good Luck
          The Local Plumber

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          Avatar photoSLeBlanc

            Thanks Bill.

            My realtor is actually quite good he negotiated for me all the money I’ll need to hook up to sewer at Close of Escrow in the form of a credit.

            I have an excellent estimate from a very good plumber (who has been very straight and helpful through this thing). He is going to start work before we move in.

            I would have loved to use the septic system for environmental reasons, etc. but the lack of maintenance on this particular system (and the fact that the owner was diverting grey water into the backyard) make me feel a lot more comfortable hooked up to the city.

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