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        On a new install, the concrete at the drain is not level and the stool rocks on the flange. Can I safely shim about 3/8 inch and still hope the wax ring seals?

        Also, I was thinking of istalling an off-set flange that would move the toilet about 1 inch forward from the wall. Do these types of flanges work long term?

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Hi DH, 3/8 of an inch seems a little high BUT the deep seal wax gasket by Hercules
          (horn type) should have no problem taking up for this space.

          You may have a rocking motion from this space. You could possibly skim coat this slab to raise the concrete to a proper level

          About the offset floor flange I use them a lot and never had a call back BUT not every code allows them.

          The offset floor flange I use is heavy brass type lead wiped (soldered) to a lead bend.

          If your working with lead you should honestly try to lower the flange and /or grind the slab level for a proper connection to the waste bend and do away with this 3/8 height difference so you know you will have a water and gas tight connection.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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