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        We’ve had two instances where our downstairs toilet was flushed and later clogged.
        I would try to plunge the toilet but I think I was advancing the clog down my sewer line.
        I had a plumber come out who unclogged the line. The same thing happened about 1 week later.
        The plumber is claiming (after scoping my sewer line) that there is a small separation in the line at one point
        but could not exactly determine if that’s where the clog was. He said that he can dig up my property and fix
        the separation… obviously at a high cost!

        For the last three weeks we have not used our downstairs toilet but have used everything else (other toilets, washing machine, showers, etc)… everything has worked fine! One thing to note is that the toilet does not flush properly. It spins but never seems to force everything down completely. Do you think I should maybe replace my toilet with a newer one that operates correctly and that this may be the route of my problem? The downstairs toilet being somewhat level with my waste line does not have gravity in its favor as well.

        I’d appreciate any feedback and thanks in advance!

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          1- Have someone snake the line UPSTREAM and down stream from the main trap ( min 3/4″ wire with large head 3″ hread for a 4″ line)

          2- Remove the toilet and snake the line from this drain also

          3- While toilet is off the floor flange have someone check the toilet horn (outlet) for possible obstructions Q TIPS etc

          4- while toilet is off throw 30 sheets or more of toilet paper down this drain pipe and dump a 5 gallon pail of water while someone is looking at the house trap to see the paper passes through

          If all goes well and you get a stoppage again call for a video inspection with a locator to pin point the exact location of the sewer defect (back pitch or split joint etc)

          GOOD LUCK

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