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      I stuck a snake down my drain pipe and it got stuck somewhere. It went to the street about 20 feet and now it wont budge. Turning it doesnt work and it will definately break if I pull on it. Any suggestions?

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      It depends on the diameter of the snake and the size of the pipe it is in. If it is a 1/2″ snake and it is in the main drain, then it is most likely coiled up like a pretzel and will have to be dug op and removed from the other end. If this is the case, and you are lucky, it will be right where the pipe leaves the house. If it is outside the house, you have two choices. Dig it up where it is stuck, or pull on the rod until it either comes loose or breaks. If it comes loose that problem is solved, if it breaks you have to dig it up anyway. Your bigger problem is why it stuck.

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      OK No problem. Put your snake in Reverse for ONE or TWO revolutions as you put pressure PULLING it back this should loosen it enough to get it out. Too much in reverse will kink and break the snake GO SLOWLY

      You can also use a come along to try to pull it out pulling straight and this also works BUT pull it out in a straight non jerking motion

Viewing 2 reply threads
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