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        I have been renting a house for the past year. recently the plumbing backed up into my family
        room. when they pulled my carpet back the cap that is supposed to seal the drain slid right off. it
        had never been sealed. I know that this is supposed to keep the sewer gases out of my home. I have
        been having severe headaches, I have had to have a catscan done, and take medicine every day. Could
        my headaches be caused from the sewer gases? Will this have any long term effects on my family?

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Depending if the cap was missing from the house side of the running trap or the street side (sewer) would determine the type of gas you have been inhaling.

          PLUS other variables that cant be diagnosed sight unseen and lenth of exposure etc

          There is also some documented cases of several strands of hepatitis that are in the sewer waste

          Certain sewer gases have been liked to some cancers like methane, nitrous oxide, hydrogen sulfide etc.

          a flammable poisonous gas that has an odor suggestive of rotten eggs and is found esp. in many mineral waters and in putrefying matter

          Hepatitis caused by an RNA virus that does not persist in the blood serum and is transmitted esp. in food and water contaminated with infected fecal matter — called also infectious hepatitis.

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