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        My toilet does not flush half the time leaving waist. I changed out the tank hardware and it helps somewhat. Could a bad wax seal cause bad syphoning of the water?
        I have no leakage or odors at the base of the bowl. Circulation in the bowl is good..just not flushing well. Thanks for any help .. )

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Check the water level and try to keep it 1″ below the over flow tube

          The wax seal could be partically blocking the outlet if it was not installed properly.

          Check the flapper /tank bulb/ (disc on the American Standard type of assembly) to make sure these devices dont short cycle by stoppping the flow through the douglas valve before the tank empties.

          Make sure the refill tube is above the over flow with an approved air gap (1″ normally)or two times the effective opening

          You can adjust the flapper chain/ tank bulb’s lift rod or guide rod or replace the American standard disc incase it does close to rapidly. Each brand ( Crane Eljer American Standard ,Kohler has it’s own adjustments Good luck

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          Avatar photohj

            Flush the toilet several times. Each time measure how high the water is in the bowl after the tank is full. It should be the same every time. If there is a large difference every other flush, then the refill tube is not supplying enough water to the bowl. If that is the case, you can try shutting down the water supply valve to see if the longer fill time helps, and if not, then get a Fluidmaster #555 repair kit and change the flapper mechanism.

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              HJ is WRONG again The “refill tube is designed to HELP replenish the trap seal and (help) scour the inside of the toilet BUT in actually it doesn’t aid in the flushing as the 1/8 dia tubing hose doesn’t have enough volume to actually to do this job completely.
              As long as your not smelling odor the “refill ” is doing its job.

              A lot of handymen actually break (trying to replace them) the old copper refill tubes from the existing ball cocks and use a stainless steel self taping screw to seal the refill opening completely and yet these toilets even missing these tubes function properly still giving years of trouble free service if the tank volume is high enough .

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              Avatar photohj

                Will you stop trying to talk like a real plumber. If the refill tube does not furnish enough water to the bowl AFTER the flush, then the next flush’s water has to be used to finish filling the bowl and whatever is left is insufficient to finish the flush. But then, since the bowl is then full, the next flush will work properly. This is a common occurance with American Standard bowls that only flush every other time.

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                Avatar photoMike

                  Unless your problem is beginning with a low bowl level as described above, you may have a similar problem to the one I just fixed. See the Plumbing Bulletin Board, message titled Toilet Flushes Slugishly, posted by me Aug. 9. I described the full fix under that message, but it turned out to be hard water buildup inside the toilet and the flush holes under the rim. Good luck. Mike

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