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        I am a new homeowner, and I don’t know much about french drains (I think I have one). I have approx
        3 in deep space around the border of my basement and a “well” in one corner that houses a sump pump. When it
        rains, I have never noticed any water in the “track” around my basement border, but water comes in a quite a
        good rate (through a large diameter PVC pipe) into the well and is then sump pumped out of my house. My
        question is, is this normal? and also if the electricity goes out, it appears to be set up that the water
        runs into the track around the basement and when it gets to a certain level, then flows into a floor drain.
        Is this right? is this OK. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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          1. Your floor drain most likely drains into the sump pit.
          2. The trough around the edge of the floor is to catch any moisture that comes thru the walls and leaks down. The trough takes the water to the pit to be pumped out.
          3. The pipe which you see coming into the pit should run all the way around the foundation.
          4. If the power goes out, the water will rise (most likely above the basement floor).

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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