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        My toilet leaks betwen the tank and the bowl. The repair kit, 3-bolt style, has 6 nuts. The man at Home Depot
        said that the nut goes on the bolt under the tank to seal that, then the other nut attaches the tank to the bowl. I
        don’t think I have enough room for a nut and rubber washer between the tank and the bowl. Is this the preferred method
        of mounting?
        Thank you

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        Avatar photoGuest

          Yes…Run the bolts with rubber washers under the bolt head. On the bottom of the tank, place a rubber washer, metal washer then a nut and snug them down somewhat firm.
          Then place the tank onto the bowl, after you replace the big gasket, and use a metal washer and nut on the bottom of the bolt.
          You should have some little plastic/rubber “u” shaped pieces that go between the tank and bowl. These provide some space and also act like shims.
          Snug these final connect down not real tight, but firm. Remember, the bowl and tank is breakable.

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          Avatar photohj

            It is the preferred method, but as you may have discovered, not all units have the necessary space to do it. In that case, just use the rubber washers between the tank and bolt head, and the other rubber washer, metal washer, and nut under the bowl. You may not have specified it, but be sure you also replace the seal gasket on the center flush fitting.

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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