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        I just bought an old farmhouse that never had a septic system. Instead, they originally had an outhouse, then went to a composting toilet and currently a temporary (250 gal plastic) holding tank. Besides the legallity of the current situation, I’m looking for some help. We’ve obviously got to put in a new septic system so I’ve started calling around for prices on a soil test.

        Are there any gotcha’s I should be looking out for or is all this pretty much decided by the gov anyway? Are there any advantages to the fact that this is an existing home?

        I don’t know if you need these details but I’ll include them just in case. The house is on 60 acres, it’s fairly low land with clay soil, the highest spot on the land is in the middle of one field about 250 yards from the house, the well is relatively new and 60ft deep. I do get water in the basement that is pumped out via a sump pump.

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        Avatar photoKen Zoeller

          If you are in the USA, the state in which you live will, more than likely dictate, what type of onsite system you will end up with. Do a search on “onsite septic systems” and you will find out more info than you ever wanted to know about the topic.
          The process in Kentucky would be to get the local regulator to the site to look it over to see just what he may recommend. If you do not like what the regulator says from your vast knowledge base you acquired online, you could get an engineer(PE) or a soil scientist(certified designer) to do a site evaluation. Do not be afraid to pump the effluent to that high ground you spoke of. It is common these days to pump the liquid that for. There are many different ways to do onsite septic systems today. Do not let the regulator dictate to you what may work to day but fail in the long run.

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