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      Can anyone tell me excatly how far a perimeter drain should be from the house? I have heard everything from 2-4 feet to 4-6 feet (so as to not disturb exsisting soil and stability…What about obstructions??? Do I have to cut up a 12 wide deck or can I route around it? How much stone under and over the pipe? Wrap fabric around the stone or around the pipe? I have heard so many different things… The only thing I am sure of is how deep and”holes down” HELP!!! -Confused little house in a hole in ny

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      In my neck of the woods it’s not closer than 3 feet on a 45 degree angle from
      the footer or foundation line. As I remember the soil was pretty stable in
      the NY area especially in Rockland County (had to take the dead out of town
      for burial because of the solid rock just below grade).

      Go around the patio or slab..If you use 6″ perf pipe make your cut at
      least 18″ wide so that you can get at least 6″ of stone above…below and
      both sides of your pipe. If the mesh size your stone or gravel is so small
      that it can pass through the holes in the pipe, you will need to wrap the
      pipe with mirafy fabric. You also will need to line the ditch with mirafy
      fabric with enough to flap over the completed ditch from both sides after the
      pipe a stone have been placed. I generally cover the mirafy fabric with two
      sheets of 15# roofing felt before backfilling the hole.
      If this is going to be just a “French Drain” application, try to keep the
      whole line on the same grade. If it is going to be used as an under drain,
      pitch it just like a sanitary sewer in the direction of the discharge site.
      Do not dump into the sanitary line or you may go on an unplanned vacation to
      Rikers Island.

      I remember the
      rule being 1′ of distance for every 1′ of depth. Best thing is to call your
      local building dept., ask to speak to one of the engineers and ask him. Be
      sure and get his name so you can refer back to him when the inspector tells
      you, you did it wrong.

      Have a GREAT week end NYC Rocks ;-)

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