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        what excatly has to be done to install a perimeter drain in an existing house? how far away from the building? how much stone? what about obstructions(decks, porches) I have heard everything from installing up to the foundation(below footer) to 2-4 feet away… to 4-6 feet away

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          It also has a lot to do with the slope of the land. Normally we try to catch OR redirect the water before it can even reach the building foundation walls.

          This is why a decent builder will use damp/water proofing membrane on the outer walls.

          Like JR Grace and company have a fantastic cold applied product that is great for these type of jobs BUT the only draw back is it cannot be exposed to direct sun light. This is why this mastic is perfect for water proofing applications…The main objective is to keep the water away from the structure.

          You could use plastic piping with the holes (facing down) and felt/fiberglass membrane over these holes to allow water to enter but not sand or silt and place this piping where water is known to be coming from.

          A lot of hydraulic (water proofing engineers) only specializes in this type of work and then they draw up the specifications for the plumber/ landscaper to install this type of system. Have a great one

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