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      I am getting an odor from our guest bathroom’s bathtub/and maybe sink. They use the same vent. I checked the vent and the drains. They seem to be fine. We get the smell a couple of minutes after they are used. The bathtub is hardly ever used. (a few times a year) the sink however is used about once a week.- but only for a quick handwashing or such-which doesn’t cause the smell to appear. Any ideas to fix this problem would be appriciated. –I have been told to use them more often. (How long should it take for the odor to disappear if this is the problem?)

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      It may appear that yout P-traps are dry allowing the gases to vent through you fixtures. I had the same problem in our little used bathroom downstairs, so I ran water through about once a week and it solved the problem.
      Have a look into the drains and you should see water if not they are dry which allows the gas’s to vent into the room.
      Good Luck

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      Run the water (cold) for several minutes. Then once a week fill the basin up to the over flow hole(s) and then drain POP UP. This will keep the over flow from getting an accumlation of soap film and prevent the trap from losing its seal. Losing the trap seal is what allows “sewer gas” into the home.

      You may also want to try Clorox or another brand of bleach to kill any bacteria that maybe growing like mold does in a less often used fixtures.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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