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      I recently moved from city sewer services to 2 yr old septic system. I make my own wine and therefore sterilize my equipment and bottles prior to use. My question is that will the sterilizer (Clori-Clean) harm my septic tank? I use approximately 2 cups a month of the solution.
      Would appreciate any suggestions or comments on this matter.


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      John Aldrich1

      Duane, I am not familiar with the product “clori-clean”, but I can’t imagine that it would contain more chorine than chlorine bleach. I believe the concentration of chlorine in bleach is 5%. The concentration of chlorine in the clori-clean product should be printed on the container label.

      The septic tank can safely absorb the chlorine in the bleach, if the label instructions on the chlorine bleach container are followed. It seems to me that 2 cups of clori-clean would have no more impact on the performance of the septic tank than would an additional 2 cups of chlorine bleach per month. JWA

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