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        I have a fifty year old home. The tub takes fifteen minutes to drain. When I let water out of bathroom sink it gurgles up into tub bringing all kinds of gunk. Sink drains quickly however. Also am having problems with line to sewer in basement. It seems to clog easily requiring expensive professional snaking. This only backs up water from the laundry however. I would appreciate any advice as I am single homeowner and while I know a lot about a little when it comes to home maintenance, I know nothing in this area and feel at the mercy of the plumbers who don’t seem to fix the problem permanently or even give me a good explanation. They are starting to say I need all new piping…$$$$$$$$$$$$! Thank you

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Drain lines cannot be “Permanently” cleaned as people need to also bathe sometimes

          Here is what should be done. The bathtub should be snaked out completely as the TUB drain is normally connected to the same line as the basin on the horiziontal plane.

          When the basin water cannot drain completely on the horizontal line, water seeking its own level and the path of least resistance WILL flow into the TUB then drain back into the waste line eventually.

          So what you can do is make sure hair doesn’t go down your tub or basin drain as this is most of the stoppage problems related to bathroom drains.

          The laundry room drains and main sewer should be water jetted every few years to remove soap scum and grease build up giving the pipes a full flow like originally designed. FORGET USELESS /DANGEROUS CHEMICALS waste of money and time

          People take the drainage system for granted throwing all kinds of grease down the lines that cause a reduction in internal piping area.

          The problem associated with just snaking is it doesn’t scour the piping clean it is only designed for hard stoppages like hair and rags, roots etc.

          The jetting action is especially practical for soft stoppages GREASE, sand, mud soap deposits etc.

          The gurgling sounds could be a sign of a possible blockage just getting started OR poor venting. This is especially true where the Idiot incompetent plumbing officials allow either WET venting OR NON Professional Venting (AAV CRAP)

          IMHO You show me a code that allows wet venting AND AAV and ILL show you GRAFT in America.

          Home builders making the “right donation” is what this is all about. Getting some “enginner/code official to allow ANYTHING today is the key to FREE enterprise.

          Look at the “franchise systems of plumbing” 12 weeks in what would take a normal person 5 years to learn. Wait till the franchise doctor comes along

          FYI My 70+ year old cast iron and galvanized drainage system is still going strong requiring a minimum of maintenance all do to common sense what is put down the drain.

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP


            When your body is as old as your house you no doubt will experience some
            difficulties with your own plumbing. When your Gall Bladder does a number on
            you are you going to throw yourself on the mercy of the AMA for a quick fix
            from a cheap Doctor on the net. If that is your intention heres a tip…the
            Freudian slip you made about being at the mercy of the plumbers will not go
            unnoticed or appreciated by them either.
            If you are gripped with paranoia or unrelenting fear when it comes to
            living in a
            50 year old house with drainage problems, perhaps a move to a Condo or a
            newer home would be a better idea.
            Your marital status has little to do with the problems that you are
            There is no magic bullet…there is no permanent fix…for your
            plumbing…for your car.
            ..your washing machine…or your Gall Bladder.
            Your candid admission that you “know little about home maintenance” is a
            key to help deal with this situation. The word maintenance as you know means
            an ongoing regimen designed and executed in order to insure a longer and more
            satisfactory usage from whatever is being maintained.
            I suggest that you carefully choose a qualified plumber of good standing
            in your area who has good verbal skills as well. Be sure to convey your
            concerns, and ask for a clear concise assessment of the problem, and your
            options on how best to deal with it.
            PS Have you ever considered dropping the “t” in Margot? Margo sounds
            the same but looks a lot better….oh well to me it does.

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