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        I have an older home (1957) with I believe is cast iron drain pipes and galvanized vent stacks. One of the shower drains has a slight sewer gas odor. Slight, that is until water starts going down the drain, then the odor is overwelming. I’ve snaked the drain to ensure it is clear. It is. I’ve tried bleach. That didn’t help. I tried snaking the vent, but four vents tee into one and I can’t be sure I’m getting the right one. I’ve been in the crawlspace beneath the house and there doesn’t appear to be any leaks in the drain pipe. What next????

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Galvanized piping was the way to go years ago for vent piping as it was a non scaling material and the better codes called for non scaling materials on any angle less than 45 degrees from the horizontal. The scale could render the vent pipe useless.

          The old Gray Cast Iron was uncoated by code so if there was any defects the coating wouldn’t hide it and later when the bituminous coating did wear away you would have a void in the piping.

          Unfortunately Galvanized used in vent only piping has a tendency to just rot away and the only this to do is replace it. Possibly with No hub Cast Iron piping if local permit.

          Leaving the vent piping corroded and allowing obnoxious fumes to enter your home is not really that good for your health. The use of NH piping to adapt to the existing Gal is a relatively simple and legal job

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          Avatar photocove3

            Sylvan, your help at this site is simply amazing. Thanks from all.
            When you mentioned No Hub cast iron pipe, I assume you meant the No Hub rubber fitting and a piece of cast iron pipe. That is, No Hub doesn’t make cast iron pipe fittings, right?

            Also, in other posts you recommend No Hub over Furnco. My hardware store carries both & they look similar & the store says either is ok. What accounts for your preference for No Hub, as I’d like to pass it on to the store.

            Regards, Ron

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              Ferno in my opinion is PURE GARBAGE that should be outlawed for ANY USE.

              No Hub Cast Iron is the name of the Cast Iron fittings and pipe as both are made of Cast Iron without the hub and spigot according to the Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute (CISPI)

              The couplings known as NO HUB are thin rubber with a stainless steel covering that allow butting the pipe and fitting without depending on rubber with a large gap to hold the integrity of piping with a much more ridged support.

              The Fernco crap is a rubber fitting known to collapse, buckle and lose its shape.

              I wouldn’t even consider “Fernco” for a vent line.

              A lot of stumble bums use Fernco couplings as they do not know how to use a ruler and use this long piece of rubber to make up for their lack of professional skills leaving large gaps in the joining of sections of pipe and fittings and thus allowing for future stoppages and joint failure.

              Take a Fernco fitting and a No Hub Cast Iron fitting and look at each one then you will look for a garbage can that I am sure the Fernco will fit nicely in.

              I am curious WHO could have been paid off to approve this in ANY civilized country?

              If it says Fernco Forget it look for Mission couplings or No Hub with the Stainless steel sheathing.

              You may want to go to a “plumbing supply” rather then a hardware store that carries Quality CI fittings.

              Thank you again so much for your kind words..

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