tree roots clog Toilet/Sewer drain?

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      Avatar photoCharles Lambert

        Can tree roots actually clog a sewer drain? My neighbor says so and she’s presented me w/ a bill. Evidentally, a plumber snaked out the roots from my trees. Any help on this would be appreciated–I just don’t know how roots could get inside a sewer pipe. thanks, H.

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        Avatar photohj

          Roots can definitely clog a sewer, but there is no way you are responible for her clogging, unless you have some way of telling the roots to enter her sewer. If there is any problem it is that her sewer is not impermeable thus giving someone’s roots access to her pipe. Roots are opportunists and will go dozen’s of feet or more once they locate a source of water, so unless the roots have something on them to identify them, they cannot even be sure that they are your roots. Do not pay the bill.

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          Avatar photohj

            Once this happens it will be an ongoing thing and if you pay once she will be back every year or so with another bill. Eventually she may suggest that you replace her sewer so that you do not have to pay for the rodding every few months, which is what it will eventually develop into.

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              By offering you neighbor any money for ROOTS you just opened Pandora’s box.

              Tell the person with the problem to get a licensed plumber to video THEIR sewer and have a LMP fix THEIR Problem. OR you will sue them for having raw sewerage come in contact with YOUR very exotic one of a kind living tree LOL.

              Seriously if the sewer piping is in good condition roots should not have been able to get in end of story.

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