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      I think my drain lines are clogged. For the past few weeks, when we let water out of the tub, we get gurgling in the toilets. Have quit using washing machine. Also, my grass is brown and usually its green where the drain lines run. Makes me think its never leaving tank. Used chemical called Drainz. No good as of yet. Any ideasdvice?

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      John Aldrich1

      JimmyinSC, If the grass above the leach field is brown, this means that the effluent is not leaving the tank. Sounds like perhaps the outlet tee is plugged, or the tank is full of indigestible solids and sludge. It could also be a plug in the house plumbing.

      Have the septic tank pumped, and inspected. Also, consider installing a septic tank filter in the outlet tee of the tank. Zoeller Pump Company has recently produced an effluent filter that will fit right into a 4 inch sanitary tee. It would be prudent to install risers to the ground surface from both the inlet, and the outlet access holes in the septic tank. Regular maintainance is the key to a successful septic system. If the maintenance chores are difficult to perform, chances are they will be ignored. Providing easy access to the septic tank and the outlet filter will encourage regular maintenance. JWA

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