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      It rained hard. I got 9″ of water in my basement. plumber snaked main drain, but said it wasn’t too bad. Now everytime it rains hard, basement drains back up, storm water comes in, about 1-2 inches. I disconnected downspouts. didn’t help. Asked another plumber. He says storm drain can’t be cleaned from house and probably trap is clogged, need to dig in yard and fix. Is he right? What’s my next step?? Signed, wet and depressed in michigan
      ps: neighbors not having problem. however, we had a new house built next door to us and their grade is higher than ours. we’ve lived here 9 years and have never had this problem before.

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      The water comes from somewhere and if it is not yours then it must be the neighbor’s. Water will seek the lowest house to enter and that may be you. Have your utility check their sewer. The plumber that said you cannot rod the downspouts from the house was correct, except if that were the problem the water would not be getting to your basement.

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      Turns out the problem was a clogged storm trap. water from connected downspouts, laundry tub etc all dump into this, which connects to main drain. clog and big rains forced water to back up at the lowest point — the basement drains.
      Moral of story:
      1) When a plumber comes to your house to snake out a drain for maintenance, ask him to check ALL your drains and traps, not just the main one.
      2) if your laundry tub seems clogged or draining slowly, call a plumber.
      3) look for a competent plumber who is good at solving mysteries, not just someone who’s on autopilot.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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