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      -because my toilet tank leaks, I turn the water valve on and off after each use (not a main bathroom, apx 5-6 times per day) ~ however, I have some dampness on the carpet in the room next to the bathroom ~ could this on/off function be causing problems “inside” the wall?

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      jack spotz

      most “valve usage” type leaks when a valve that has normally been ignored then one day begins to get constant use are caused by the packing on the valve handle itself. lets try this first to see if the leak might be outside the wall’ first get a handtowel and dry the whole shut off valve under your toilet real good. now wait a minute and wrap your hand around that valve then look in your hand for water. if you see ANY tighten that nut behind the handle and you should fix it. the water could easily follow the valve body into the wall instead of dripping off the handle. hope this helps, jack

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