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        I live in a rural mobile home, and believe I have a septic system problem. I don’t know the proper terminology, but we have a pit and then a pipe that goes out to a drain field. Anyway, my grandmother lived here for two years, then the house was empty for 10 years, and I have lived in it the past 3. I don’t believe the septic has been pumped out in all that time. My problem is that every faucet in the house and out, smells like rotten eggs. I have tried drain cleaners, with no result. Another site led me to believe its a septic problem. Do I need to pump out the system or will the natural enzyme product they were trying to sell me work?

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          Let’s put it this way. If the odor in the faucets were a septic tank problem, then you should not be drinking the water due to contamination. Usually the odor problem is sulfur in the water supply itself. Or else it is due to something such as a bad water heater anode rod, but that would not affect the outside cold water faucets, nor would a contaminated softener if you have one.

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