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      Nine months ago after a heavy rain my sewer backed up and flooded my basement. The plumber snaked the drain, but two days later after another rain, the basement flooded again. He ran a video of my sewer line, and told me I needed to replace a portion of the line. He replaced 38′(6ft excavation). I was charged $3,000. Two days ago, my basement flooded again. Now the plumber thinks I need to replace another portion of my sewer line. He wants to run another video cam. My questions are:
      1) Is it possible for a sewer line to go bad in less than a year?
      2) Was I overcharged for the new portion of the line I put in last year? I live in the Midwest.
      3) Should I have to pay for the new video? I had to pay for the last video.
      4) Do you think I should find another plumber?

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      Wow I CHARGE $500 just for the video inspection over $175 PER HR PER MAN or any part of the hour.

      You failed to mention if this cast Iron pipe is 4″ dia 5″, 6″ or 8″ so I will assume it is only 4″

      Considering (hopefully) this “plumber” is licensed then he must carry insurance.

      Now most insurance companies become your partner when your doing under ground work . For example the insurance is EXACTLY 50% of your payroll when your doing under ground piping.

      You see the occupational safety and health act (OSHA) frowns upon cave-ins and demands certain types of protection for employees working below grade like shoring and safety lines and hard hat protection and other fantastic cost causing restrictions.

      There is also compacting laws which requires a clean fill to be placed under the new piping and above it and it must be tampered in layers.

      Then of course we hydrostatically test this piping with either a 10 ft head of water OR 5 PSI water test

      Now the government wants their KICK back with filing fees and inspections so this adds to the total cost of doing the job.

      Now for a reality check it is NOT uncommon for me to charge and GET over $5,000 per DAY for one mechanic and helper working 7 hr. with LESS than $450 for materials as my accounts have been trained to realize they are paying for my knowledge JUST like when I go to court as an “expert witness” at $225 per HR (min of 4 HR.) No materials BUT selling my knowledge JUST like a surgeon.

      To be a REAL plumber takes a 5 year apprenticeship 10,000 Hours plus class room studies of 720 hours. Now at one time you had to work in the trade for 5 MORE years before you were even eligible to take the Masters exam. (10 years dedication)

      Someone has to pay for this dedication and training. The price you paid of ONLY $3,000 I feel was more than fair as I get a heck of lot more if I had to do it.

      Just make sure your plumber is licensed and insured.

      About being repaired 9 months ago Hey things happen like a fault develops under ground (that is why the compacting laws came about) I would ask for ANOTHER video just to make sure it isn’t the new piping that failed as a possible defect in workmanship. Ask the plumber for a DISCOUNT for the video inspection. Hey dont you PAY for the 2nd ray when needed?

      I JUST hope your not using a franchise “tech” instead of the Licensed Master Plumber him/herself
      Good luck and please keep me posted.

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