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        could some one please help me with a problem regarding my window well drain. Whenever it rains water seeps into the well above the intake pipe and actually will over flow the well. I have checked the drain in dry weather with a hose and all seems well until the rains come. Does this drain empty into my basement floor drains? What can I do to fix the problem!!!
        Thanx in advance for your assistance
        Jim Corps
        [email protected]

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        Avatar photoArt_xyz

          No one can answer your question without actually being there and checking it.

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            Normally a storm drain does reenter according to model codes and has a storm trap located located prior to entering the sanitary drainage system. What your looking for not to far from this window is a trap and this could be full of debris slowing down the normal flow of storm water drainage. You can do the following.

            Get some very concentrated DYE and put some down this drain and then check your main trap (if you have one) to see if this dye does indeed enter your system.

            You can also hire a plumber with a water jetter and have him/her jet this line as someone listens inside your home for the jetting sounds under the slab This should also locate the storm trap if one is installed.

            Hopefully some idiot didn’t just install a dry well or sump under ground and figure ground percolation would be enough.
            Good luck

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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