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        I have a 40 + year old home where there has been a history of drain problems, not only with my house but with neighboring homes. Most of our problems have to do with tree roots. My problem is that I have had a constant problem with my kitchen drain. I have snaked on several ocassions with as much as 150 foot, and assume that I have gone into the main sewar line.

        My most recent problem is major. Again I had a plugged up kitchen drain so I snaked the drain with a 25 foot snake. The drain immediatly emptied when I was done so I decided to test the drain with a garden hose. Starting with just a trickle of running water up to full force, directly into the floor drain. The drain worked fine except for a gurgling sound. When I woke up this morning I went downstairs and walked into 2-4 inches of water. I have pumped out enough water to sink the titanic and I still have water backing up through the floor drain. I have gone on to snake every floor and main drain again. What is causing water to come back up through my drain? I have also checked for running water and have no signs of it. I even checked the water meter with all the water valves off. Could I have accidentally created a vacuum that is causing it to go the wrong way ? Please help.

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          Have the main sewer snaked out again THEN get a video inspection to see exactly what is going on back pitched/ broken pipe /seperated joints etc. good luck

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