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      Had drain in basement back up. Plumber came out, cabled the main sewer line, and came up with ROOTS galore. Put the camera down, at lease 4 spots in the 6″ crock pipe that are being invaded by roots. We have no trees in the yard – but plumber says there must have been one at one time. Plumber’s proposed solution: dig 10’x5′ hold in yard, put in a T-line, use a 6″cutter to clean out the pipe, and then have the line cleaned every few years. Proposed cost: approx. $3,000.
      Are there any other less expensive solutions? Chemicals to put down drain that will kill roots? Anything? Help!

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      Many of my accounts have root infiltration. Once every year we go and snake out the line BEFORE a stoppage occurs and this keeps them well under control. Actually if properly performed we could do it every 2 years depending on local conditions.

      What I have arranged with my accounts is a yearly rodding DURING my slow period and therefore I can schedule several buildings in the same general area giving everyone a discount PLUS keeping my traveling time to a minimun. This is a win ,win for every one . CHEMICALS IMHO are literly throwing your money down the drain.
      Here why not read this article RE CHEMICALS:

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      The best solution is not less expensive in the short term, but a new pipe will get rid of the infiltration. Once roots gain access, they just grow larger and more agressive. Which means each rodding will get sooner and harder. $3,000.00 seems excessive unless the conditions are exteme or the pipe is very deep.

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