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        i’m installing a new dishwasher,there is no air gap in the sink or counter. i read that most new washers have an air gap in them. i’m ignorant about these things,if in the event of a clogged sink & a plunger is used, what stops the pressure from the plunger going into the d.washer drain hose, also the same thing if a chemical drain opener is used?

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        Avatar photoArt_xyz

          The air gap on a dishwasher is on the water supply not on the drain. If you plunge the kit. sink the thing that keeps it from backing up into the dishwasher is the elec. operated selinoid valve. The loop installed on the drain hose also helps under normal conditions. If you have an air gap installed at the counter top, if you plunge the sink drain it will just spill out at the counter top air gap. Am I correct or not? Anyone.

          P.S. All commercial dishwashers require either an air gap or air break on the drain.

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            Air Gap (Water distribution system)

            The unobstructed VERTICAL distance the free atmosphere between the lowest opening from any pipe or faucet OR faucet supplying water to a tank plumbing fixture or other device and the flood level rim of the receptacle

            Air Break (drainage system) a piping arrangement in which a drain from a fixture, appliance or device discharges through an AIR BREAK into a fixture at a point ABOVE the flood level rim (NOT OVER FLOW BUT FLOOD LEVEL RIM)

            Most of the code approved D/W come with a built in Air Gap to prevent a possibility of a cross connection of non potable water supply to the potable system.

            “P.S. All commercial dishwashers require either an air gap or air break on the drain.”

            Actually the Model codes REQUIRE BOTH as your forgetting that if the drain does back up it CAN and WILL contaminate the dishes/pots/ food utensils.

            By having BOTH an Air gap and Air break your protecting the potable system (air gap) and the dishwaher contents from sewerage back up with the “Air break”..

            Basic model code stuff for WE plumbers do indeed protect the health of the WORLD

            [Edited by SylvanLMP on 11 June 2000]

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