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        our kitchen sink is plugged. All other drains in the house are fine. We plunged forever with no luck. Used 50ft of snake and still no drainage. If we used chemicals would they make it that far? What else can we try?

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          Try to find a clean-out in the line and see if it is still backed up at that point. If it is, run your cable in from there.

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            Snaking a kitchen is only a stop gap procedure.

            Picture a pot of pudding and think of it as grease and soap build up. Now put your finger in the pudding and see the opening NOW take your finger out and it closes up again. Snaking only bores a small hole in grease and soap deposits.

            Chemicals are flushed away as soon as the water starts running PLUS some can actually crystallize in your drain pipes while others are caustic and can cause more damage to old lines.
            The proper way to clean soft stoppages silt, grease, soap scum, etc., is high pressure water jetting NOT snaking.

            A snake is designed for hard stoppages like roots and rags etc.

            Poking a hole through a stoppage isn’t a very professional way to go.
            If you look at the top of this page and go to “Plumbviews” you can look for my name and read the article on Jetting Vs snaking

            Water jetting actually cleans the internal piping to a like new condition giving full flow while removing the scum build up which causes bacteria to grow and cause the smelling condition.

            Good luck

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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