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        Had a leach field put in in 96 right after the first rain,I had septic smell in the basement. Contractor came back in 97 said it was nothing he did,installed pipe off the pipe and a pit at the end of the field and charged me again.He told me if I had anymore trouble he would take care of it. He lied. I called the code enforcement officer to find out if it was installed properly and he said no. Do I have any recourse I can take against this contractor? He had asked to be paid in cash and foolishly and trustingly I paid him.(another life lesson learned) I had an other contractor here who laughed when he saw the way this system was installed.Also had the tank pumped a few weeks ago and could see water running back in from the drain field to the tank. Thanks for any help you can give. Ken

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        Avatar photoTheLocalPlumber

          I am sorry you had to go through this experience.
          If indeed the company that responded to your request for service was a bonafide, legite contractor, with a state license, then you are protected if he/she did any work not per code.
          Contact the state licensing board to find out proper procedure to make a claim. Plumbing Contractors are required to have a performance bond of $7500. This is there for you to make a claim against.
          My hope is that all his/her paperwork is in order. This is just another reason not to be afraid to ask for Licensing information and Liability insurance before a contractor sets foot on your property. Do not only ask, but take the time to verify. Good Luck.
          The Local Plumber
          Tustin, California

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