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        I’ve lived in an eighty-year old house for four years now and still have the same problem. When I drain the kithen sink, sewer gas and sometimes the kitcen sink water comes up. Only after being snaked, the problem goes away temporarily but returns promptly. I don’t let ANYTHNG go down the sink except soap and water. The plumber says there’s nothing blocking the vent and now the shower drain is slowing up too. I hate to call the plumber again because he doesn’t believe me anymore. Could it be that the snake is only clearing a small passage through the blockage and not completely cleaning the pipes? I’m on city sewer.

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Snaking only bores a small hole through most soft stoppages (grease silt sand etc) Water Jetting is the only way to properly scrub the piping to a like new condition giving you full flow by scrubbing the piping to a full diameter like origional.

          Jetting takes longer to do then simple snaking and thus cost more BUT it is the right job to do as Jetting does remove scum build up that can cause bacteria smells.

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            Thanx for the prompt answer. Ok, now, how do I convince my property management company to get a plumber to jet instead of snake? I never heard of it before today, myself.

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              Show this article to your property management person.


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