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      My sister’s drain field is failing for the third time. The county and the health department have been involved with redesigning the field but to no avail. Does she have any recourse against the county or it’s departments? How can I find out the exact requirements for installing a septic field, inclusive of the leaching and drain field. I have searched codes, laws etc with no luck. They obviously did not install the field correctly, or installed it in ground incapable of draining. From what I have read, clay is not good soil for this application. My other question is I read about a product called septic seep which chemically rejuvenates the clay so that it will be more absorptive. Does this work. Thanks for the help.

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      Susan, contact me at bbjorkman@earthlink.net.

      Have same problem. Too many eyes on this system.


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      Ken Zoeller

      Do a search on “onsite septic systems” or “onsite septic systems”. You will find out a lot about onsite septic systems. Look for pretreatments. ATU, sand filters(single pass and recirculating), peat tricaklefilters. you wil need to pre treat the water to get it in the ground effectively. you may want to look for “Drip dispersal system”. Drip is a way to put a tea cup full of water every 2 feet 6 to 8 time day on a timed bases over a wide area. kenz@zoeller.com

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