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      I have a bad septic system, so I need to install a grinder pump. I’m 250 feet away from city sewer line and slightly downhill. I want to do it myself to save money. How tough can it really be, and where can I get advice? Thanks… Mike

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      Ken Zoeller

      To size the grinder pump correctly you will need to know the fixture units coming out of your house. This is the total number of bathroom units, kitechen stuff, laundry room stuff, any addition loads from other pipes that will go through the grinder pump. You may want to concider a 2″ solids handleing sewage pump it would be less expensive and easier to maintain over time. 250 feet down hill presents a minor problem for a grider or a 2″ solids handling sewage pump. If the fall over 250 feet is too great the syphon could over run the pump and cause either to burn up. How much fall is there over 250 feet? If the out fall is lower than the bottom of the basin the pump is in, you will empty the basin every time by a syphon if you do not put in an air relief valve or cheeper hole ot the top of the hill inside the basin to break the syphon. go to to see grinders and sewege prepackaged systems.

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      I assume you mean the sewer pipe is uphill from your residence otherwise you would not need the pump. When the pump services the entire residence, you should install a dual unit with alternating operation, high water emergency dual operation, high water alarm bell and light, and a normally closed valve on the water supply, connected to the alarm bell, that will stop the water to the house if the pump, or power to the house, completely fails so that you do not flood the lower level by continuing to use showers, clothes washers, etc..

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      Grindex Sludge pumps are designed to handle most heavily contaminated liquids. The beauty about these pumps is they can pump tennis ball size objects without clogging.

      With the vortex impellers they can pump up to 700 GPM and a head up to 150 feet (Vertically)

      Another great pump is American Turbine (NEW)type which incorporates semi open impellers to handle moderate amounts of abrasives.

      Another option is the SV series trash pump by BJM corporation from 1/2 HP -10 HP with a 2″-4″ discharge that can pass anything up to 90% of the pumps discharge opening and it is available with 304 stainless steel with thermo overload capabilities LOTS of great choices out there.

      Ask your local LMPlumber for his/her input

Viewing 3 reply threads
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