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      have a pier&beam home and the kitchen sink line came undone apparently during the winter months. Notice a smell and found that sewerage had been piling up under house. Fixed the line and buried the sewerage, but now that hot weather is here, boy does it smell!! Have raked out as much as possible, but rain water has also been getting under house and the ground has mildewed. Have cut some vents in siding that covers that area, but what else can we do for the awful smell. It comes up through the kitchen sink and utility room which are beside each other? Plan also on adding a rain gutter to help aleviate the rain problem. Ground slants to that end of house.

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      Pour in lots of bleach and this should kill all the bacteria growing then the RIPE smell should go away.. Save your money don’t look to a Magic elixir sold by drain guys BLEACH works and it is cheap.
      Then leave the house and go on mini a vacation you deserve it.
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