washer discharge causes drains to gurgle and toilet to overflow

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      Our house is 3 yrs old and we are having a major problem. A few days ago the toilet downstairs over-flowed when the washer (located upstairs) discharged. We called a plumber and they told us the septic tank baffle was clogged and used a snake to clear it. The problem went away for a few days. However, now whenever the washer discharges the toilet (and sometimes a sink drain) will make make a gurgling sound…air bubbles come up out of the toliet. Once since it was repaired the toilet almost overflowed during the discharge cycle…but a few minutes later during the rinse cycle it didnt make a sound! This is a really baffling problem. Does anyone have a clue what is causing the gurgling sounds and occasional toilet overflow?

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      Gurgling sounds are normally a sign of a partial blockage or a defective vent.

      Picture a 2 liter bottle being poured, see it plopping out (gurgling) starving for air NOW take this same bottle and put a hole on the opposite end of the spout (Venting it) and WOOF the water flows out like a charm.

      Snaking is normally not recommended for removing a soap scum/lint build up on a laundry discharge piping as snaking only pokes a small hole and water jetting actually scrubs the piping to a like new condition while flushing away debris at the same time.

      If the house has plastic GARBAGE then you could have sections bellied as most of the non skilled plastic piping installers never use the proper supports (clevis hangers or riser clamps) spaced properly. Or proper back filling for under ground piping.

      A lot of these “techs” use band iron as they lack the knowledge of a proper installation and use short radius fitting which contribute to these kind of system failures with retarding the flow of the drainage.

      Best bet is to remove the basement toilet and water jet from there out to your septic tank THEN use the wash wand on the jetter to scrub the baffles clean to remove soap and grease build up.

      One more option is to video the drainage system from the toilet opening (take up the toilet) to see if you have a “DIP” (belly) due to settling and if so YOU my good friend will have a chronic problem where debris will constantly build up.
      Good luck

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      A possibility is that your septic system is full of sludge and requires a pumpout. For proper maintenance of a septic tank system, we recommend Bacteria Concepts’ SEPTI-MATE and SEPTI-SHOCK.

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